• Frugal Living for a Better Life

    Did you know that Income less your savings equals expenses? This is should always be the mindset of everyone in order to save money for future use but we tend to differentiate the formula. Most of us are guilty of using the formula: Income less your expenses is your savings. By allowing this kind of mindset, you will never be able to save because you don’t have control over your expenses. In fact, we even exceed our regular expenses and buy unnecessary things. But once we check on our savings especially in times of emergencies, we don’t have anything in our bank accounts or even in our piggy banks. This is a very common problem that actually gets worse every day not unless you put a control to it.

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    Do you want to live a life that doesn’t have financial struggles? Do you want to wake up every day without worrying about your debts? Do you want to get up and work hard to earn more and not to spend more? Do you want to have your own bank account savings for emergency purposes? Do you want to go on a vacation at least once a year for you to enjoy life? In order to achieve that, you need to make an effort. You need to start somewhere and improve gradually. So where do you begin?


    Being frugal is one of the most effective if not the best way to achieve a financially stable life. So how do you become a frugal person? Well, most of us think that being a frugal person only means shopping in a thrift store. Staying at home instead of going out which will cause you to spend. You can also say that buying discounted items by waiting for the sale of the item instead of buying it on its original price is frugal living. Another one is when you prefer to cook your meals instead of buying take outs or dining out. You can also save a lot if you turn off unused electric items inside your home. Walking or biking instead of using cars is also an option to save on your gas. Having pack lunches made from your home and bringing your ready-to-make coffee instead of buying in coffee shops is also a great way to save.

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    If you are going to see it in a smaller context, you are just doing what you think will help you cut your costs which is a great way to do so. But you never look it up in a bigger context. Being a frugal person is broader than you think. This means that you are wiser and conscious of your spending activities. You know what your priorities are and focus on that instead of spending without even planning. A frugal life is a debt-free life. Being a frugal person means financial freedom and the more you do things to lessen your expenses means being close to a life of frugal living.